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Fireproof Glass

Fireproof Glass

Fireproof glass is a protective fire-resistant material processed through special techniques. This specialized glass retains its integrity and can provide insulation during specified fire resistance tests.

Fireproof Glass

Working principle of fireproof glass

In the event of a fire, the glass exposed to the fire quickly shatters under high temperatures. The fire-resistant interlayer then expands approximately tenfold, forming a hard, milky-white foamed fireproof layer. This effectively blocks flames and insulates against high temperatures and harmful gases.
TM Technology is a leading provider capable of supplying a comprehensive range of fireproof glass products and solutions. Our portfolio includes industry-acclaimed borosilicate fireproof glass, microcrystalline fireproof glass that passes the UL hose stream test, composite heat-insulating fireproof glass produced using European patented technology, and complex fireproof solutions that integrate features such as lamination, insulation, bullet-resistance, and electric heating. All our products undergo rigorous testing to meet European and national fire standards.
Fireproofing requires both glass and frames to function effectively. At TM Technology, we offer verified and mature steel-frame fire protection systems, which include steel-frame fireproof glass doors, fire partitions, and fire curtain walls. We also provide aluminum-frame and stainless steel fire protection systems. Our comprehensive systems are stringently tested to meet national and European fire standards. TM Technology’s fireproof solutions are applied in sectors such as construction, high-speed rail, elevators, and shipbuilding, and have passed stringent industry-specific tests, establishing a robust quality system.

Product advantages

Fire integrity:
Our fireproof glass maintains its integrity even under extreme conditions caused by flames, high temperatures, and smoke.
Heat insulation:
Our glass helps prevent temperature at a fire site from exceeding the limits that people and buildings can withstand, thereby safeguarding lives.
Extended fire resistance:
Our fireproof glass offers a fire resistance duration of over 60 minutes, providing crucial time for evacuation and minimizing financial losses.
Exceptional safety performance:
If broken, the fragments of our fireproof glass form blunt angles, smaller than those of tempered glass, ensuring no harm to humans even in case of breakage.


Application fields

Our fireproof glass is ideal for marine special spaces, safety passageways, partition walls, escape routes, emergency exits, staircases, elevator shafts, machinery and equipment rooms, archives and document storage, safety doors, roofs, underground parking lots, and fire doors.


TM Fireproof Glass


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