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NPD Dimming Glass

NPD Dimming Glass

Product advantages

Intelligent dimming and tailored adjustment:Customize the transparency according to situational needs, catering to various applications. Integrates with multiple vehicle connection methods including large screen, app, and voice commands.

Heat insulation and energy saving with power-off maintenance:Our intelligent dimming skylight boasts over 80% heat insulation efficiency, significantly reducing interior temperatures and lowering energy consumption.

Low voltage for enhanced safety:Unlike other materials that operate at tens or over a hundred volts, our Ambilight auto-dimming sunroof operates at a mere 1.5 volts, ensuring your safety throughout its use.

Blocking UV rays and allowing light without tanning:No need for a sunblind; it effectively blocks 99.9% of UV rays while allowing light to pass through, and offers sun protection with an SPF rating up to 50 and a protective effect rated at PA++++.

Working principle

The principle behind our intelligent dimming technology is based on electrochromism. Essentially, under the influence of an electrical voltage, the optical properties of the material (such as transmittance, reflectivity, and absorptance) undergo stable and reversible changes.
NPD dimming glass is designed to manually adjust the glass’s light transmittance by regulating the voltage. It is a type of graded particle dispersed smart glass that allows the transmittance of visible light to be freely adjusted through the application of an electric field.


Dimming canopy structure

Application fields


Electrochromic car sunroof
Architectural dimming window glass/window film

Automatic anti glare rearview mirror
Intelligent display

Electrochromic phone back cover
Flexible display


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