Automobile Glass and Sunroof Assemblies
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Automobile Glass

Automobile Glass and Sunroof Assemblies

Our automotive safety glass boasts exceptional optical clarity, mechanical strength, and durability, complying with international standards including China’s GB9656, Europe’s ECE R43, and the United States’ ANSI/SAE Z26.1.
Our sound insulation glass significantly reduces noise levels, with STL sound loss values showing a 5–10 dB improvement over standard glass. This is particularly effective in the critical 1,000–4,000 Hz frequency range, enhancing auditory comfort.
Our HUD front windshields project driving data directly onto the glass via the dashboard’s projection system, merging vital travel information with the road view to minimize driver distraction and enhance both comfort and safety.
Our heat reflecting laminated glass features excellent thermal insulation properties, effectively reflecting infrared rays while blocking over 99% of UV radiation. It ensures visibility while reducing the solar energy transmittance to under 50%, thus easing air conditioning load, cutting fuel consumption, and increasing comfort during hot weather.
Wired heating glass for front windshields is a premier product of our company, designed for use in winter or rainy conditions. It rapidly removes frost, ice, fog, and snow, greatly enhancing visibility and safety.
We utilize platform-based development and modular design for our automotive sunroofs. Essential components such as the sunroof glass, glass edging, sun visors, and sun blinds are produced in-house, ensuring reliable quality control throughout the manufacturing process and reducing production costs.
Our strict production processes, specialized manufacturing equipment, and advanced testing instruments guarantee the reliability of our products, continuously increasing our market share in the automobile sunroof sector.
Our automotive compact sunroofs come in two types: concealed and external sliding. Weighing only 9 kg, they are 10% lighter than comparable products. The components feature integrated design, with a platform compatibility rate exceeding 85%.
Our automotive panoramic sunroofs are offered in three styles: built-in internal sliding, built-in external sliding, and external sliding. They feature a tilting function that opens the glass up to 38 mm, with a maximum opening size of 600 mm. With the addition of an electric sunblind, the maximum opening expands to 1,300 mm. Utilizing an ultra-quiet flexible shaft and a unique front beam design, we reduce sunroof noise to just 47 dB. The sunroof includes a special control device with three anti-pinch modes, significantly enhancing passenger safety, and boasts a sunroof switch lifespan of over 30,000 uses. The sunroof glass is equipped with an NPD shading system, enabling automatic tint adjustment with a transmittance range of 2%–65%. Moreover, the sound-insulating glass provides superior noise reduction, with an STL sound loss value that is 5–10 dB better than ordinary glass.


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