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At TM Technology, guided by the principles of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for the New Era, we are dedicated to the innovation-driven development and strive to set industry standards. Embracing our core business philosophy of “being unique, superior, and excellent”, our goal is to build a leading enterprise that significantly enhances the safety and comfort of people’s lives. With firm resolve, we shoulder substantial responsibilities and persistently contribute to society.
We maintain a customer-centric approach, deeply engaging in niche markets and specialized sectors. By seizing opportunities and focusing on essential national industries, we invest in high-speed trains, aircraft, and marine glass. We are committed to projects that directly impact public welfare, supporting passenger vehicles, subways, and high-speed rails. We keenly understand market dynamics, target specific markets, grasp core needs, and clarify our sales strategies. Through our action plans, we continually satisfy customer demands with customized products and distinct services, earning their satisfaction. TM Technology is now a primary supplier for prominent companies such as SAIC Motor, SINOTRUK, CRRC, and COMAC and has extended its reach globally, exporting products to Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. 
We place significant emphasis on brand development, enhancing our brand through website promotion, industry exchanges, and various exhibitions. This continuous effort raises the profile, reputation, and loyalty of the TM Technology brand, narrowing the gap between our brand and our customers. Leveraging our strong brand impact, we consistently fortify and elevate our competitive edge within the industry, ensuring TM Technology remains a preferred choice for cutting-edge solutions in transportation and beyond.
We have significantly increased our investment in infrastructure to strengthen our developmental foundation. Currently, we possess over 600 sets of advanced production equipment within the industry. This includes more than 150 sets imported from countries like Germany, the United States, Italy, Switzerland, and Japan, such as processing centers and GlassTech furnaces. We continually enhance and modify our infrastructure in response to various factors, including product production characteristics, technological processes, innovation, quality improvement, capacity enhancement, workplace safety, environmental protection, and green development. Through our commitment to independent innovation, process enhancements, and equipment upgrades, we ensure that our product quality remains stable, reliable, and environmentally safe. We host laboratories that are certified by CANS and recognized by CMA. These facilities conduct comprehensive testing across multiple parameters, including optical, mechanical, electrical, and environmental resistance properties. We are equipped with over 120 sets of state-of-the-art testing instruments, such as the MTS4 pillar fatigue reflection simulator for all-season cycles from the United States, Agilent’s liquid chromatographs, and ZEISS’s three-coordinate measuring instruments from Germany. Our robust manufacturing and testing capabilities guarantee exceptional product performance and quality, sustaining our leadership in technological advancements.
At TM Technology, we are committed to green development and advancing energy conservation and emissions reduction initiatives. Operating within legal frameworks, we proactively fulfill our social responsibilities by implementing substantial measures to reduce energy use and environmental impact. We have invested over RMB6.7 million in constructing a wastewater treatment facility capable of processing 4,800 tonnes daily. This facility operates on a zero-discharge basis, recycling wastewater and saving over 1.2 million tonnes of water resources annually. In collaboration with Zhongtian, we’ve invested RMB73 million to develop a 15.74 MW photovoltaic power station that annually generates 13.52 million kWh of electricity. Our energy-saving initiatives include upgrading the air compressor station to achieve a 30% improvement in energy efficiency, saving approximately 2 million kWh of energy per year. By insulating our glass tempering furnaces and optimizing air flows, including the frequency control of high-power fans, we have successfully reduced air volume by 25%. Further computational enhancements to our high-energy-consuming equipment have led to an annual electricity saving of 6 million kWh. Through these actions, we contribute quietly but significantly to achieving national objectives for carbon peaking and neutrality, demonstrating our deep commitment to national interests and corporate responsibility.
We are deeply committed to society and enhancing the quality of life. Upholding a philosophy of shared growth, we actively fulfill our social responsibilities and enhance our competitive edge through socially responsible corporate practices. Our aim is to be an outstanding and respected enterprise, contributing significantly to environmental protection, energy conservation, business ethics, education, culture, health, and community development. Our corporate ethos focuses not on maximizing shareholder returns, but on maximizing societal value. We prioritize the interests of all stakeholders, actively engage in community partnerships, participate in voluntary initiatives, foster professional growth among our talents, and enhance the well-being and satisfaction of our employees, all while nurturing a harmonious and supportive developmental environment. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we donated more than RMB7.4 million worth of vital supplies including ventilators and masks to communities, demonstrating our commitment to giving back and sharing in the fruits of development with sincerity.
As spring heralds renewal and the promise of a prosperous year, TM Technology remains committed to innovation as a driving force. We seize strategic opportunities in both international and domestic markets and steadfastly adhere to green, sustainable development principles. With courage and determination, we continue to strive for excellence, writing a new chapter of high-quality development for our company.




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