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Industry Innovation

Industry Innovation


We steadfastly commit to innovation and have increased our investments in equipment and facilities, building a solid foundation of core competencies that propel our industry forward. This commitment has been crucial in transforming TM Technology from a small enterprise into a leader in the rail transit safety glass sector.
At TM Technology, our team embodies a spirit of relentless pursuit of excellence, never giving up, and embracing innovation. From ordinary glass to tempered glass, from basic automobile glass to specialized glass for high-speed rail, ships, and aerospace, and from advanced glass processing to new materials and equipment manufacturing, we have repeatedly achieved breakthrough developments. Our products now serve a wide range of transportation methods including maritime, terrestrial, and aerial vehicles.
On the upstream side of our industry chain, we have successfully developed TMG-1000 transparent materials, organic aviation materials, transparent ceramics, and photochromic glass in recent years. These innovations have not only addressed several immediate technological bottlenecks but also secured our long-term growth prospects. On the downstream side, we have established a mold inspection center, a metal surface treatment center, and Qida Electromechanical to directly support our flagship products. This integration of our upstream and downstream supply chains not only ensures the reliability, stability, consistency, and timely delivery of our main products but also effectively controls and reduces our production costs, enhancing overall efficiency and market competitiveness.


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