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Special glass

  Tiemao Glass Co., Ltd. is a domestic leading manufacturer on waterproof glass. Pyrox series anti-fire glass it produces can follow high-quality standards to introduce mature technology and certified test devices from Europe. It can produce anti-fire glass with various levels on resistance against fire covering E/EW/EI and its anti-fire time can last 120 minutes. Anti-fire glass at EW level is only 13 mm in thickness that has high resolution ratio and penetration and can satisfy BS EN 1634-1:2008、BS EN 1364-1:1999、BS 476-20:1999、BS 476-22:1999、GB 15763-1:2009、GB 12513-1:2006 anti-fire standards. It has such characteristics as energy conservation, sound reduction, reduction of heat transfer coefficient and rise of sound insulation. Glass can be made into multiple selections. Such assemblies as tempered glass, interlayer glass and coated glass can be carried out. It can be used in various devices and cases covering cars, buildings, ship, maritime petrol platform and industrial devices.
  Smart glass produced by Tiemao Glass Co., Ltd. is to use PD-SPD thin film with suspension drops that install films to glass or plastic boards smeared with transparent conducting materials. As the inner suspension liquid is dispersed with light absorption particles, it can realize smart adjustment and color changes and changes of different light transmittance before satisfying customers’ requirements.