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Tiemao Mingxin Transport Technologies Co., Ltd.

Automobile skylight is an innovative product by Tiemao Mingxin Transport Technologies Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary under Jiangsu Tiemao Glass Co., Ltd. It adopts platform designing and module designing. It can produce such major components as skylight window, glass brochure, sunshield panel and sunshield curtain so that quality can be controlled during the manufacturing round and production cost can be brought down.
With strict production technology, professional manufacturing devices and advanced detection apparatus, product quality can be ensured and marketing occupancy of components is on the rise.
The small automobile skylight is categorized into inner skylight and outer sliding skylight. It is only 9 kg in weight, lighter than products of the same type by 10%. Its components adopt integrated designing. Sharing ratio of platform reaches over 85%.
Panoramic sunroof of the automobile is typed into three types namely inner sliding type, inner installed and outer sliding type and outer installed and outer sliding type. It has the function of raising and opening glass with raising height at 38mm and maximum size of opening at 600 mm. After it is installed with power-driven curtain to shield sunlight, its maximum size of opening can reach 1300 mm. it adopts ultra-silent soft shaft and unique front-axle beam so that noise of skylight can be reduced to 47 decibel. Its 3 anti-pinch model and particular control devices largely improve safety of drivers. Duration of opening and closing of the skylight can reach over 30,000 times. The skylight window is installed with NPS sunshield system that realizes automatic coloring of skylight glass. Its scope of transmittance is 2-65%. It adopts sound control glass that has sound performance of reducing noise. Its STL noise loss value is superior to common glass by 5-10 decibels.
Tiemao Mingxin Transport Technology Co., Ltd has passed such quality management system certifications as ISO 14001, OHSAS18001, environmental and occupational safety system certification, ISO9001, TS16949, VDA 6.3 and so forth. Its products can satisfy GB/T 30037 national standards for automobile skylight, 74/60, EEC anti-pinch standards, GB 16422 weather ability and so forth.