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Automobile glass and skylight assembly



 Category  Role
 Sound isolation  Sound isolation
 Super-thin interlayer  Weight reduction
 Heat absorption  Heat isolation
 Heat reflection  Heat isolation
 Crimp heating  Moist and fog elimination
 Sensillum  Automatic sensing of raindrops
 HUD  Improved response speed
 Category  Role
 Full view  Enhanced horizon
 Heat absorption  Heat isolation
 Heat reflection  Heat isolation
 Light adjustment  Control of roof light

Fixed ASM
 Category  Role
 Super-thin tempering  Weight reduction
 Tipping  Sealing and noise reduction


Door Glass
 Category  Role
 Interlayer  Sound isolation
 Sound isolation  Sound isolation
 Super-thin interlayer  Sound isolation, weight reduction
 Heat absorption  Heat isolation
 Heat reflection  Heat isolation
Rear Window
 Category  Role
 Super-thin tempering  Weight reduction
 Heat absorption  Heat isolation
 Heat reflection  Heat isolation
 Crimp heating  Moist and fog removal
 Integration of auxiliaries  Simple installation

  Safe glass of automobile

Safe glass of automobiles has sound optical attributes, mechanical attribute and weather ability that satisfies GB9656 of China, ECE R43 of Europe, ANSI/SAE Z26.1 of America and so forth.
Sound-proof glass has sound performance of bringing down noise. When compared with common glass, its STL noise loss has a difference of 5-10db. Its effects of sound isolation are the most significance during the most sensitive frequency at 1000-4000 Hz.
HUD front windshield projects driving information to the front windshield via injection system of the instrument panel so that driving information can be mixed with objects outside the vehicle, frequency of lowering heads by drivers can be reduced, and comfort and safety can be enhanced.
Heat reflective sandwich glass has sound property of resisting against heat that can validly reflect infrared ray. When visible light transmittance satisfies relevant laws and conditions, total penetration rate of solar energy is less than 50%. It can block over 99% of ultraviolet. In summertime, it can reduce load of air-conditioners, bring down oil consumption and improve comfort of drivers.
Heating front windshield glass is a precise product of the company. In winter or during rain, it can quickly remote frog, ice, fog and snow. It can drastically boost definition of horizon and improve safety.

  Automobile skylight

Automobile skylight adopts platform development and module designing. Skylight window, glass bordure, sun louver, curtain to shield sunlight and other major components are self-made so that quality of the manufacturing round can be under reliable control and production costs of products can be reduced.
With its strict production technology, professional manufacturingdevices and advanced detection instruments, reliability of product quality can be ensured and market occupancy of automobile skylight is on the rise.
Small skylight of the automobile is categorized into inner skylight and outer sliding skylight. Its weight is only 9kg, lighter than products of the same type by 10%. Its components adopt integrated designing. Sharing ratio of the platform reaches over 85%.
Panoramic sunroof of the automobile is typed into three types namely inner sliding type, inner installed and outer sliding type and outer installed and outer sliding type. It has the function of raising and opening glass with raising height at 38mm and maximum size of opening at 600 mm. After it is installed with power-driven curtain to shield sunlight, its maximum size of opening can reach 1300 mm. it adopts ultra-silent soft shaft and unique front-axle beam so that noise of skylight can be reduced to 47 decibel. Its 3 anti-pinch model and particular control devices largely improve safety of drivers. Duration of opening and closing of the skylight can reach over 30,000 times. The skylight window is installed with NPS sunshield system that realizes automatic coloring of skylight glass. Its scope of transmittance is 2-65%. It adopts sound control glass that has sound performance of reducing noise. Its STL noise loss value is superior to common glass by 5-10 decibels.

  Automobile bordure glass

Means of technologies for automobile bordure glass contain:

PUR bordure (applicable to panoramic sunroof)

1. Super-large horizon
2. Feeling of skylight at the front the back seat and people can enjoy the sky by looking up
3. With tempered glass, it has sound effects of sound isolation and strong safety;
4. It is trendy and aesthetic in look

PVT/TPE bordure (applicable to triangle window/rear side window)

1. With overall injection molding, its section shape is not restrained and can be designed into varying shapes;
2. With assembly supply, it is easy to be installed and thus can boost efficiency of producing devices;
3. With tempered glass, it is sound in effect to isolate sound and strong in safety.
4. With designing of bordure glass, it can absorb changes brought about by changes of car frame.

PU extrusion bordure (applicable to front/back shield and side doors and windows)

1. It adopts PU mechanical hand extrusion bordure;
2. The installation is simple and magnificent
3. The designing cycle is short.

  New technology of automobile glass

★  Light and thin
front shield of the interlayer and side of the tempered steel is thin

 Good horizon installation angle of the front shield is small, glass height is intensified, streamlined design, big spherical surface
  Functionality and comfort application of HUD, isolation of sound and heat, removal of fog and moist, application of wire
  Integration ran sense holder, stoplight holder, various materials