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Center of mould

Profile on the center of mould



The center of mould is mainly engaged in designing and designing of mold, test tools and utilities of glass for rail transit such as high-speed train, railway and so forth and automotive glass. It adopts full-process regulated and standardized management on designing, programing, processing, installation, debugging and detection. By combining with long-term sound collaboration with clients and experience, it ensures precise and advanced designing and processing of mold and detection instruments.
Manufacturing capacity:
High-precision digital processing center ensures precision of moulds and test instruments
Detection capacity:
The highly-configured gantry-type three-coordinate detection apparatus can accomplish 3D digital precise measuring of work pieces of varying sizes and carry out 3D laser scanning. It is installed with higher cost performance and outstanding operational reliability. It is applicable to products of all kinds, in particular scanning of model and test tools of big size and reverse engineering.