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Technology center

Profile on the technological center

In 2006, Tiemao glass technology center was founded. It has 220 R & D staffs including 2 specially appointed professors and Yangtze River Scholars, 1 expert of A Hundred Planning in Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 expert of National Ten Thousand Planning, 3 experts of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents Planning in Jiangsu. It is a team with completed specialties and vibrancy. It has a whole of research and development capacity on new materials, new technology research and development, full three-dimensional designing and development, CAE simulation analysis, synchronous development of frock mold test and so forth. It has been certified as research center for safe glass engineering technology for high-speed train in Jiangsu and corporate technological center in Jiangsu. Its technological center is installed with lab for optical property, lab of mechanical property, lab of environment performance, lab of electronic performance and other first-rated labs. It has been carrying out research and development of special safety glass. 
Its technological center has carried out extensive industry-study-research cooperation with NWPU, Jiangsu University, Guangzhou Energy Institute of CAS and other universities and scientific research institutions to develop over 150 new products and technologies. Its safe glass of transit rail, fire-proof glass and SPD smart photochromatic glass andother products have filled up the domestic blankness and its technological level is taking the lead in China. Its relevant products acquire 4 national key new products, 2 projects on conversion of major scientific and technological results, 1 provincial technological backup project, 2 provincial awards for scientific and technological progress. It has been authorized around 30 patents and involved in participation of 5 national standards.