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Glass of rail transit and windows and cars

Glass of rail transit

  Glass for rail transit produced by Tiemao Glass Co., Ltd. entirely adopt superior inorganic glass raw materials and organic new materials. It features such characteristics as high transparency and light weight. By use of advanced heat bending devices and technologies, it can form large arch-rise glass and guarantee sound optical properties. By use of wave-shape resistance wire or conducting film technology, it can produce electrically heated glass that can realize resistance against ice and removal of fog and moist under various conditions. It has sound heating uniformity.

Glass of locomotive driver’s cab includes front shield, emergency exit, side window for drivers, display screen for car number and light cover glass. Locomotive driver’s cab glass produced by our company conforms to such standard requirements as TB/T 1451-2007,UIC 651、NF F15-818 and so forth in terms of optical, mechanical and electric attributes. Further, it has strong resistance against aging and can isolate sound and heat. Light transmittance for front shield of subway is higher than 80% and that of front shield of high-speed train is higher than 75%. It has strong shock resistance. The 27mm-thick front shield glass for high-speed train can withstand the impact speed of 1 kg aluminum ball at the speed of 660 km/h. The aluminum ball can’t penetrate through the glass without any splash at the back. Its anti-resistance attributes can satisfy demands for front shield of high-speed train at a speed of 500km/h.
Our company can research, develop and manufacture various reasonably-designed glass for driver’s cabs that all carry attribute to resistant against fire and pass standard BS6853 or DIN5510 anti-fire test. Our products are widely applied to railway, high-speed train, maglev and bulletin train.
Front shield glass that can be speedily replaced researched and developed by the company can realize speedy replacement of front shield without changing installation connector of the car. The replacement time is changed to 3 hours from the original one week. The product has been widely applied to various high-speed trains and D-series high-speed train. It has acquired national patents for invention.

Glass of locomotive guest cab is categorized into vacuum glass and emergency exist glass. It provides safe protection, horizon for tour-sighting and comfortable light to passengers. The glass has sound attributes to isolate heat and preserve heat, property to isolate sound, anti-aging and anti-air pressure nature, etc.
Advantages of glass of locomotive guest cab produced by our company:
1. Low transmission. Dry air or argon in the middle layer has low heat conductivity. Its heat exchange can be reduced by 50% when compared with single glass. It has sound effect in isolation against heat during heating in winter and cooling in summer.
2. Strong capacity to remove moist. The dry air level can’t make inner surface of the outer glass form dew and guarantee that the inner glass can’t be low in temperature. It can make sure that it does not form dew when outside temperature is -40℃.
3. Sound capacity to isolate sound. It can reduce sound by 30-40 dB. With special materials, it can satisfy higher requirements.
4. Good emergency exist. It adopts special structural designing. On the ground that safety of passengers can be guaranteed, it has the function of emergency exist in case of emergencies.

Glass for interior decoration include display screen, screen, glass for baggage holder and so forth.
Products can be made into different structure based on different demands such as polished finish of tempered interlay and single slice of tempering. Different textures can be printed on glass. It can satisfy relevant requirements of aesthetics when intensify and safety is guaranteed.
Under the circumstance of +40℃~-20℃, glass of baggage shelf glass can satisfy that a steel ball weighing 508 g can’t get cracked when it falls from a height of 5.5 m. It satisfies all requirements on impact properties required by GB18045. Glass compression strength is larger than 8Mpa and the whole glass can withstand at least 3Kpa pressure.
The screen glass is aesthetic and queer in shape. It can pass repetitive impact experiments of NF F31-129.
The display screen glass can be combined by choosing different types of glass following different requirements. It can satisfy requirements for property and relevant requirements on aesthetics as well.  

  Windows and doors

1. Fixed window
It is categorized into adhesive type and adhesive tape type.
The adhesive type can guarantee sound leakproofness. It can realize speedy replacement via structural designing.
The adhesive tape type is simple that can satisfy the requirements for speedy replacement at the inner and outer side.

2. Inner movable window
It can help with wind ventilation and change of air and have sound sealing property.

3. Sliding of movable window
It is usually used in driver’s cab for mobile machinery shop or driver’s cab of buses.

4. Up and down push-and-pull movable window
It is usually used in locomotives and has the requirements for ventilation.

5. Speedy replacement of side windows
Through structural designing, all side windows can realize speedy replacement.